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Datamotor Brand Tracker

DATAMOTOR BRAND TRACKER provides brand manufacturers with a detailed live overview of platform sales and distribution and forms the basis for early initiation of precise measures to manage sales and distribution.

KEY FEATUREs of the Datamotor brand tracker

DATAMOTOR BRAND TRACKER answers the key questions of platform sales and distribution

and supports you in protecting your brand.

At which prices are my products offered and how do the prices of my products develop?


Get an overview of the price development of your products on the most relevant platforms.
Do sellers comply with my standards and guidelines?


Identify sellers who do not comply with your standards and guidelines and counteract the erosion of your brand at an early stage.
How are my products evaluated on different platforms and are there any maldevelopments?


Get an overview of the development of your product evaluations on the most important platforms, detect fluctuations at the right time, and identify sellers who do not meet your requirements.
Are my products offered by non-authorized sellers?


Proactively manage the seller base of your products, prevent third-party sellers from selling your products, and avoid "fake" offers from unauthorized sellers.


Yes. All the information is publicly available. No personal data is stored. The BRAND TRACKER strictly follows all guidelines of the German Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

No. The BRAND TRACKER is an automated tool for market monitoring. The tool only provides you with information on the prices at which retailers offer your products on the respective platforms and thus improves your basis for decision-making basis. What actions you derive from this information remains your responsibility.

The DATAMOTOR BRAND TRACKER provides you with information that is essential for a holistic brand management these days. For example, monitoring the price development of your products always provides you with up-to-date indications of the price stability of your brand and products. In addition, the BRAND TRACKER enables you to recognize an impending price decline of your products at an early stage and to initiate appropriate countermeasures.

The BRAND TRACKER is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. The data is stored exclusively on cloud servers within the Federal Republic of Germany.

The BRAND TRACKER provides information on the supply situation, but not on sales. Indirectly, however, the actual sales of the respective retailers are reflected in the ratings, for example on Amazon. On this platform, customers can only write reviews if they have also previously purchased the corresponding product.

Our software products are subject to the very highest security standards. Compliance with these security standards is continuously monitored and optimized by our IT security experts in order to prevent third-party attacks on our systems. Although attacks by hackers can never be completely ruled out, we do everything in our power to minimize this risk as far as possible.

Yes. In a joint workshop, a preferred model is first defined on the basis of your individual information needs and then the individual set-up and configuration of the BRAND TRACKER is customized, for example with regard to the number of products to be analyzed, the product details and the requirements for the product descriptions.

The BRAND TRACKER is designed to provide you with the most comprehensive information base as a basis for sales and distribution decisions. In the basic configuration, 500 different products can be tracked on the various sales platforms. A product that is available in different sizes is considered to be one single product. In contrast, products that are available in different colors are always regarded as separate products, especially since colors are subject to trends and can thus cause significant deviations in both pricing and customer evaluation.

During the first three months, the basic version of the BRAND TRACKER provides you with a monthly report containing the analyses for the previous evaluation period. From the fourth month, you then have access to a cloud-based tool that additionally shows you the developments of prices and valuations over time and allows you to select individual analysis periods.

In the basic version of the BRAND TRACKER, you receive an analysis of the data from the previous month. Depending on your individual information needs, we also offer you various extensions to the analysis and reporting period, such as a weekly or even daily evaluations and reports.

In order to provide you with the most comprehensive overview of the sales and distribution situation of your products on the most relevant platforms, the BRAND TRACKER initially focuses on quantitative customer ratings, i.e., the number of stars. However, an extension of the BRAND TRACKER also gives you access to the individual ratings, which we can evaluate with the help of machine learning algorithms, link them to the phases of the buying process, and even automatically forward them directly to specific company departments, for example marketing, product development, or after sales, for follow-up.

The BRAND TRACKER is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution and thus freely configurable and easy to integrate into your own system architecture. There are no investment costs as you know them from proprietary software. The BRAND TRACKER is therefore immediately applicable and enables a scalable use.

The costs depend on the selection of your preferred model and the resulting individual configuration of the BRAND TRACKER. We will be happy to explain the costs associated with your configuration in a joint initial meeting.

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