Applying artificial intelligence.


AI platform
Establishing and extending existing AI products to make more and better decisions faster.
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Removing data silos by migrating to a cloud-based integration approach to gain full visibility into all enterprise data.
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Sharing data in a GDPR-compliant way to gain information advantages or monetize unused data.
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Enabling fact-based decision-making.


Supporting the entire data cycle from data acquisition to visualization of analytical results.

Data Ingestion.

Data ingestion from various internal and external data sources.

Data Storage & Retrieval.

Cloud-based data storage and ensuring data retrieval through advanced search algorithms.

Data Processing & Production.

Data processing using the most powerful “state-of-the-art” algorithms.

Visualization & Interaction.

End user-friendly presentation and visualization of analytical results and interaction with other users.

Making more and better decisions faster.

Uncover the full potential of artificial intelligence.


Simplicity over complexity.
We focus on the application of AI, emphasizing concrete solutions over technical "frippery."
Clear user centricity.
We translate complex algorithms into sophisticated visualizations, making artificial intelligence approachable for everyone.
Full transparency.
We combine internal and external data sources, providing a broader market overview.
No investment costs. Ready to use.
We offer a fully customizable cloud-based SaaS solution that can be easily integrated into your own system architectures, enabling unlimited scalability.

We are making AI approachable for the entire organization.

Turning data into action.


Broad range of use cases and applications enables targeted and effective use of AI.

Managing platform sales effectively with DATAMOTOR BRAND TRACKER©.
Get a live overview of the platform sales and distribution of your products and monitor them continuously in order to counteract undesirable developments quickly and effectively.
Brand Tracker©
Monitoring price developments and managing pricing proactively.
Monitor pricing trends of your competitors and distribution channels in real time to understand pricing strategy dynamics, uncover influencing factors, and make proactive pricing decisions.
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Understanding customers thoroughly.
Identify perceptions, sentiments, and emotions in social media posts and customer reviews to gain an in-depth understanding of customers along the customer journey.
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Turning customer feedback into concrete action.
Understand key factors of brand, retailer and product evaluations and identify potential for improvement in order to initiate concrete countermeasures at an early stage.
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Optimizing products and brands systematically.
Identify relevant brand and product attributes from a customer perspective in order to innovate and optimize brand and product concepts and benefit more quickly from upcoming trends.
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Designing customer-centric touchpoints.
Identify and understand customer emotions and feelings with respect to various touchpoints in order to provide customer-centric UX and CX to drive sales.
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Tackling product piracy effectively.
Search and compare product images on various platforms, marketplaces and online stores to detect and counteract product piracy and ensure brand protection and improve brand reputation.
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Developing competitive product ranges.
Understand assortment structures based on brands, products and product attributes to develop competitive assortments and optimize distribution strategies.
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Discover new spheres.

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