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Knowing the sellers of your products to regain control.



Seller Overview

Who are the sellers of my products?

Learn who sells your products in Ecommerce and flag unknown sellers. You will automatically receive a notification when new sellers of your products are added.


Product Description Quality

How are my products described and do the sellers comply with my guidelines and specifications?

Interactively match your product description guidelines and specifications with the actual product descriptions used by sellers to ensure your positioning is sustainable.


Price Heroes vs. Price Killers

Which sellers ensure price stability? Which sellers cause price collapses?

Get an overview of the sellers with the highest versus lowest selling prices of your products to prevent an impending price collapse right in time.


Seller Product Range

How broadly do sellers stock my assortment?

Find out which sellers have the highest assortment expertise to strengthen collaboration with those competency leaders.



Stars Rating

How do customers rate my products and my brand? How well do my products perform compared to the competition?

Learn how customers rate your products and brand in ecommerce, how ratings differ across distribution channels, and how ratings evolve over time.


Explore Customer Reviews

How do customers perceive and talk about my products and my brand?

Learn how customers react to and talk about your products and brand in order to derive concrete actions, for example for product packaging and design..


Optimizing the Customer Journey

How satisfied are customers along the customer journey? Where is there potential for optimization?

Find out at which stage of the customer journey you should make changes to excite customers in the long term, for example by selecting your logistics partner.



Price Trends

How stable are the prices of my products and my brand? How well do my products compare with those of my competitors?

Detect price changes of your products and your brand in time to prevent price erosions.


Low-Price Trends

How does the maximum price deviation of my products and my brand develop compared to the RRP?

Learn how the lowest selling prices of your products evolve and when exactly price reductions are made to proactively manage the distribution of your products into different distribution channels.


Price Ranges

How broad is the price range of my products and my brand?

Learn how strongly the prices of your products and your brand differ across distribution channels and on which channels particularly high price reductions take place in order to focus your sales more strongly on price-stable channels.



Channel Coverage

How strongly is my brand represented on the various distribution channels?

Learn which distribution channels your brand is most represented on and which channels you are underrepresented on to target your channel expansion.


Channel Coverage Trends

How is the coverage of my product range developing on different distribution channels?

Find out how the coverage of your product range on different distribution channels is developing in order to identify and exploit new potentials at an early stage.


Stocked-out Products

How does the availability of my products develop on different distribution channels?
Which products are out of stock and how quickly?

Detect (impending) out-of-stock situations for your products in time to identify ecommerce best sellers and proactively manage the supply chain.

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